• Popularised by Paul Grilley in the Western World - yin yoga simply describes a yoga practice which is based solely on longer holds of specific shapes, traditionally yin type postures have been incorporated into many yang styles of practices.

    🤔 The Practical Stuff...
    Yin is a floor based practice. Postures or shapes are held for 3mins or more. Between each posture we lay in complete stillness - our Rebound.

    🤓 The shapes put gentle stress on our joints, working deep into our connective tissue. Based on TCM we work on the meridians or energy lines in the body, each pose supporting the release of stuck energy/chi to flow freely in the body.

    💛 The Magic stuff...
    All of our experiences are held in the body. In Yin we give ourselves the time and space to go deep into the body, to slowly see what's laying underneath the surface of our experiences, our attitudes, our ways of being. It is a practice of sitting with yourself, being with whatever comes up, leaning into it, knowing you are safe, held & supported. It provides a deep awareness and space to recognise and release.

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