I'm Annie O'Connor.

I teach yoga practices that are based on creating more space.

Physically finding a stretch within the body, mentally clearing your head to aid relaxation & creating emotional space to prioritise yourself, recognising what it is you need and over time how to support yourself day to day.

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Client Testimonials

  • "I look forward to my classes each week and would recommend anyone to join us!"

    I’ve been attending and really enjoying Annie’s slow flow classes for the last year. I was recommended slow flow yoga classes initially by my physio and I’ve really enjoyed my yoga journey with Annie. Annie creates a lovely atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and included. The classes are suitable for all abilities and there are always options for students to extend their practices. She is always at hand to help with poses and encourage us students. I look forward to my classes each week and would recommend anyone to join us!

    - Deirdre, December 2023

  • "A warm atmosphere that allows for introspection and connection"

    Annie guides her Yin and Journalling course in a welcoming manner. She creates a warm atmosphere that allows for introspection and connection. I have always wanted to try the combination of Yin and Journalling and Annie's course was a great framework to not only try this out but also practice consistently over a few weeks. I've always left the sessions relaxed and with new insights. Can definitely recommend Annie as a teacher in general and also specifically her Yin and Journalling course.

    - IsaBella, April 2023

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Imbloc Journal Prompts

We are crossing the threshold to Spring. Brighter days help us to move out of the dark Dreamtime of winter and into a space where we can begin to discern what we leave behind and what we really desire to bring into the light. Use these prompts to guide your journalling as winter starts to slowly fade.

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