Menstrual Cycle Awareness

Menstrual cycle awareness is a gentle practice that involves tuning into your body's natural rhythms. By keeping track of your menstrual cycles, you can gracefully anticipate and manage hormonal changes, fertility, and overall well-being.

Day 1 is the first day or your bleed or the New Moon (if you don’t have cycle). Each day set aside just a minute or two to note down how you are feeling and any changes in your bleed / cervical fluid. After a cycle or two you will begin to learn your unique rhythm and understand the changes we go through during a cycle and slowly tapping into what we need at throughout our cycles.
Download my Menstrual Cycle Awareness chart here!

This practice is transformative, whether you have a cycle or not it’s powerful to spend some time with yourself understanding how you are feeling , physically , emotionally and energetically. It is this awareness that helps us unlock the wild power we all hold within us πŸ”₯

We all live in a cycles that impact our behaviours, physical and mental states. Most of our modern works operates on the circadian rhythm (24hr). But you can learn to live your life based on your unique cycle- following your own rhythm. By tracking your cycle consistently, whatever type of cycle resonates with you - menstrual, lunar etc you will begin to see patterns emerge - what’s happening in your body, your emotions, your thoughts.
Knowledge is power and with this understanding of yourself you can begin to live your life according to what you need during different parts of your unique cycle πŸ’₯
Cyclical living is about understanding when is the best time to do all the things involved in our lives; socializing, alone time, resting, starting something new, moving more or moving less, doing something you have been scared of, doing something you have been putting off. All this allows you to do things as it feels natural for you, beginning to address that nagging voice of β€˜should’ we so often succumb to πŸ’›