Tips for a Consistent Practice

A consistent practice can be really hard, with busy lives and endless distractions your practice can be easily left behind. It is only through consistent practice that you can truly integrate the benefits of it into your life.

Here are a few tips to ease your practice into your day to day:

🌟 Remember your Why:
If you don’t know why your doing something motivation quickly wanes. Figure out what you want to get from your practice - whether it’s simply to do something for yourself, find some quiet time, if your looking to calm an anxious mind or get to know yourself a bit more keep reminding yourself Why your doing what your doing.

🌟 Plan it into your day:
However you plan your days make sure to schedule in your practice. Figure out when works for you - maybe Morning, Lunchtime or before bed. If one time doesn’t work out as planned change it. Put it in your calendar and schedule around it.

🌟 Be realistic
Are you really going to get up at 5.30am for an hour of yoga and meditation every day? Maybe your an early riser, Or maybe is it better for you to get to bed 15 minutes earlier? A good nights sleep is fundamental to any decent practice. Start small and build from there.

🌟 Adapt to your energy / cycle:
Our energy changes throughout the day, the month, the time of year. Come to understand your body and adjust the length or the type of practice based on what you need.